Nassa Rooster
Brown Lip Mother Of Pearl Bowl
Pecten Lentiginosus With Barnacles

About Our Company

A trip to the Philippines in 1976 became the basis for our business when my husband, Denis Brand, visited the country and became fascinated with the seashells and stones. He came up with the idea of cutting and shaping stones into small animals, such as bears and turtles, and seashells into beads, boxes, and bowls. There's a market of consumers who love these creations, as well as crafters who use of them, and suppliers who make sure others have access to them.

Our company does business with suppliers all over the world, such as Australia and India, but the majority of the materials still come from the Philippines.

Decorative Eggs
Carved Bears
Carved Mineral Frogs

A Change in Leadership

After my husband passed away in 2012, I took over the business. I love working with these natural materials. Their beauty and what can be created with them inspires me to go to work each day.

If you want a particular animal or shape, just email us, and we'll get back to you within a day or two. From the time Denis started the business, our priority has been our customers. It's still that way. I put my heart into cutting and polishing the stones and shells, so they are lovely when they come to you.